The Art Exchange, Ltd. provides art and art consulting services to corporations, businesses, architects, interior designers, as well as private collectors. The art selections include all media: painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass, fiber, and framed poster art.  Although artists from around the country are represented, the focus is on local and regional artists.

San Francisco Art Exchange


The San Francisco Art Exchange is a gallery in San Francisco, California, United States, founded in 1983.
The gallery first rose to prominence through its role in establishing the work of pinup artist Alberto Vargas as fine art. Less than a year after the San Francisco Art Exchange’s 1985 display of 100 Vargas drawings, it announced the sale of two of his works for $550,000. Prior to the show, the highest price paid for a Vargas had been $80,000; In September 1986, the gallery announced the sale of 45 Vargas paintings for $4.6 million.
The gallery is also known for rock and roll art and photography. It debuted the painting of musician Ronnie Wood in 1987. In 2005 it displayed the photography of Pattie Boyd, known as the wife and muse of musicians George Harrison and Eric Clapton.

Martin King Printing – the Methods of Etching

This course offers an intensive introduction to the methods and materials involved in the traditional techniques of copper plate etching, including hard ground intaglio, drypoint, and chine collé. You will learn how to prepare plates, explore drawing and etching techniques and discover how to ink and wipe your plates to print a small edition.  Participants will be encouraged and guided in translating their ideas directly on to the plate. The course is suitable for students of all levels.

King is nationally renowned for his unique interpretation of the Australian landscape and his work is represented in public collections including the British Museum, London, National Gallery of Australia, state and regional galleries throughout Australia.

Art and Ideas

Art and Ideas: Theory and Research in Contemporary Art. This course examines critical theory and research as an intellectual foundation for the production of contemporary art. Students will analyze key texts and artworks, focusing especially on conceptual, performative, and interventionist works, as they develop a conceptual framework for their own artistic practice. Special emphasis will be placed on examining contemporary art and artists in cultural, socio-political, economic, and pedagogical contexts. For more information about art and ideas visit site.


The Yocum Institute’s art exchange proves fascinating

The Art Exchange is a yearly event held every autumn by the Yocum Institute for Arts Education as a service to art collectors looking to either trade or sell works of art that are, for whatever reason, no longer germane to their personal collection. It may be that they have been in storage for a while or are part of an estate distribution, or maybe they are just plain bored and want to be rid of them. It happens. Visit for more information about art exchange.

No matter, the works are taken in by the institute, given appropriate prices, and if possible, sold. Being also that many of these works are collectible, there is a chance that one may find a valuable artwork outside of the bidding system ordinarily known to auction houses. The Yocum Institute does take an agent percentage, but as a community advocate they hold close to the owner’s price request, cautious that the work may be too expensive and not sell.